As of the location where we operate in, İnegöl includes the industrial areas where all kinds of furniture production is made, and a significant part of its foreign trade is based on the furniture sector. With this feature of this location, our city has important contributions to the national economy and employment. The sector has a constantly expanding professional structure with its dynamic and innovative structure. In this direction, depending on the changing market conditions and world conjunctures for companies, they need to have a professional stance in order to act in the expanding market and foreign markets, as there have been new market requirements. This brings new ideas along. In line with the demands of the companies we work with, we have worked on issues such as opening branches both in Turkey and abroad, establishing companies, receiving market support and brand promotion support so that they can compete in healthy conditions as far as our tax laws and trade laws allow. As well as the furniture trade, the companies in this sector that we provide consultancy services have enabled them to carry their services for interior and exterior designs, design and concept works of hotels, cafes, restaurants, apartments and residences abroad.


In addition to the expanding world trade, domestic market conditions, which are getting harder and more difficult, have brought new market searches in this sector as in every sector. It is a project work that we carry out completely abroad, upon the request of our company, which we consult and operates in this sector. All the negotiations regarding this project, which we can describe as the strategy study we have done on the company that aims to adapt to the changing market conditions and expand its market, have been made with the companies in Ukraine and Russia, which are the target markets. Status evaluations have been made on field studies, cost analysis and pricing policies. We exchanged opinions on seasonal cycles characteristic of the sector and products for the targeted market. By evaluating issues such as distributorship, dealership, establishing a company and opening branches abroad, we worked on issues such as establishing local collaborations within the framework of the tax and trade laws of the countries they are affiliated with.


Increasing costs and the conditions of the market force entrepreneurs to work towards reducing costs as much as possible and, naturally, increasing their profit margins. Although it varies periodically, we import large amounts of small cattle and bovine animals from time to time as a country. In line with the demand, the domestic leg of our work on bringing sheep and goats to the country has been carried out within the framework of the customs legislation of the Ministry of Commerce and the provisions of the relevant legislation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, and the part of the study related to price and cost studies has also been carried out abroad. We made contacts with animal producers and conducted full field work with farm visits.