As an Independent Accountant and Financial Consultancy, in addition to our accounting services we carry out in accordance with the accounting standards such as standard bookkeeping and declaration, within the framework of the provisions of the legislation we are subject to, we are subject to the provisions of the legislation, which are a requirement of our consultancy title, by working in the sectors they are related to, We develop commercial relations by cooperating locally with professional and experienced people or companies. As a result of our versatile and detailed studies for foreign trade at home and abroad, we aim to recognize and promote new market areas in various sectors, establish connections and develop reliable commercial activities and relationships. In this way, we are committed to contributing to the country’s economy and strengthening companies in new markets.


We develop commercial relations by making local collaborations with professional and experienced individuals or companies in their field by working on the sectors they are related, following the demands of domestic or foreign companies and investors.We carry out consultancy activities to enable companies to enter target markets by conducting market research and cost studies for international trade.We carry out the necessary applications and follow-ups for companies to provide consultancy and state support for opening units and establishing branches abroad.